New podcasts! But I am at the other side of the microphone this time:

Worlding Podcast on sewage sludge and other muddled histories and alliances with the wonderful Renae Shadler

Science S*heroes Podcast about Science Fiction, the Future and my reasearch with the fantastic Christiane Attig & Rebecca Moltmann (in german)

My colleagues and frieds Sophia Rut & Julia Vitouch have made an amazing podcast series about the rise of the environmental movement in Austria from the 1970s to today. I had the pleasure of editing the three episodes that aired on “Falter Radio” and are now available here (in german):

staying with the muddle”, workshop at the experience-based knowledge lab "Moving across Thresholds" initiated by Renae Shadler, 10. 6. 2021, 20:00
you can watch the documentation of the session here:

Dino/Henne/Ei - Lecture Performanceat FMR Festival 21,together with Christina Gruber. Linz-Urfahr + online, in the framwork of “Lest the world turns ON –Utopias after stasis” A symposium by Kunstuniversität Linz at FMR21,  4. 6. 2021 | 14.00, [online soon]


talk/video work: Schweine im Weltall / Schleime im Weltall

Eine Korrespondenz zu Sibylle Peters im Rahmen des Projekts “Nach dem Beaufsichtigen der Maschinen” zum  200. Geburtstag von Friedrich Engels (in german)

book presentation & speculative fabulation of MATTHIAS WOLLGAST’s MAKING OF: THE STEPS WITH NO NAME at Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz

2. 6. 2021 | 18.00 Podiumsgespräch
Julia Grillmayr (Kunstuniversität Linz), Karin Harrasser (Kunstuniversität Linz), Katharina Müller (Filmmuseum Wien) und Matthias Wollgast. Nachzusehen auf DorfTV.

Last Time / This Time / Next Time for Wiener Festwochen 2020

(C) Franzi Kreis
Keynote lecture Latencies, Tipping Points, Catastrophes. Experiences of Time in the Anthropocene by Eva Horn, Director of the Anthropocene Network Vienna. Workshop Haunting Ourselves: The Loop as a Figure of Thought in the Anthropocene with physicist and science journalist Tanja Traxler  & Vienna-based musician Kalifornia Kurt, curated and facilitated by Julia Grillmayr

Klärschlamm - exhibition at Kunsthalle Exnergasse (2020), curated together with Eva Seiler + symposium with Fahim Amir & Christina Gruber + audio reportage on waste water treatment (in german)

Toxic Temple - exhibition at AIL by Kilian Jörg & Anna Lerchbaumer (2020), Talk & radio broadcast (in german)