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"Lobau Listening Comprehensions" is a site-specific investigation of the Lobau (from the Vienna Danube floodplains to Hainburg) that includes personal experiences, ecological conditions, current political negotiations as well as historical events. We work with sound from different perspectives and through different practices: collective listening, oral histories, acoustic ecology, science communication.
In doing so, our respective disciplines (cultural studies/journalism, social ecology/environmental history, freshwater ecology/artistic research) intertwine to create a multi-layered portrait of the Lobau. To this end, we develop the cyborg GERTI, a modular and mutable entity with which we collaborate to record and play back sounds. GERTI collects impressions and voices - human and more-than-human. As a means, a method, a mentor and a mixing machine.

Lobau Listening Comprehensions wird durch eine INTRA-Förderung der Universität für Angewandte Kunst unterstützt. Projektbeschreibung auf Deutsch.