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Dino / Henne / Ei

LECTURE PERFORMANCE with Christina Gruber
DINO HENNE EI - the movie by Amina Lehner

We contemplate “the wild.” At best on repeat, looking back towards the geological age named after the human species. – An era in which the “the wild” is found because “the wild” has been lost. We are undertaking an “archeology of the future,” revealing uncanny contemporaries: Archosauria (birds) and Acipenseridae (sturgeons) that share this layer of earth with dinosaurs of a very different nature. We remove layers and unearth fabulous fossils. The colonial, racist, and misogynistic residues that stick to the “the wild” idea do not come clean. But the fascination surrounding this idea and why it also appears in current eco-feminisms is, to some extent, exposed.

DINO HENNE EI revisited at Kunsthaus Wien

Dino/Henne/Ei screening at DoKapi, Linz 🐟
Short film by Amina Lehner, based on the lecture performance by Julia Grillmayr & Christina Gruber.

“Dino/Henne/Ei” screening at “Nachhaltig Vergänglich”, November 2022